Red Hat Films is a professional, full service video production company located in Melbourne, Australia

We produce web movies and DVDs for the health, not-for-profit, government and corporate sectors

Helping you communicate your message

We help you communicate your message with your target audience – effectively. We listen, communicate openly and consider every production a collaboration between your team of content experts and our team of production experts.

A complete service

We work with you to develop ideas or present solutions to your brief. We script your project, shoot it in the format you require and put it together using the latest digital tools. We create the copies you need for the best platforms to reach your audience.

Experience and thorough planning

We have been focused on the needs of organisations like yours for a very long time – 16 years and counting. We are big on thorough planning and make the process and outcomes clear to you. 

Taking a load off your workload

We invite you to be as involved as you like. You can work alongside the Red Hat team or tell us what you want to achieve and check in at key points to give feedback and approval. It’s up to you. The internet and our open communication style make it easy for you to stay involved, review draft scripts, schedules and movies. 

Respect for our community collaborators

Our work with the health and community sector can be very sensitive. Often we work with real people sharing their stories on camera. We take a supportive and respectful approach to all aspects of production.


"I have entrusted my video production work to Red Hat Films for over 10 years. When engaging Red Hat Films you are entering into a partnership committed to quality outcomes. 
You will be working with a team genuinely dedicated to communicating your message."

Anna Maciejewska
Community Resilience Coordinator
Victoria State Emergency Service