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Jump Rope for Heart Outreach │ Jump Rope for Heart Outreach Program Skipping Skills


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Our client said

Red Hat Films were great to work with on our Jump Rope for Heart Outreach Program DVD. 

They were culturally appropriate in all aspects of the project and able to build rapport easily with students and staff at the school. This resulted in the entire process feeling like a small community when filming. 

Red Hat were very flexible and committed to delivering the best possible product for us.
Sarah was always approachable and in regular contact with us.

The final product is emotional, fun and engaging. It represents the Heart Foundation’s values
and vision for the project. The DVD impressed everyone involved and meets the needs of our
intended viewers. 

I highly recommend Red Hat Films for any project.”

Kane Radford
NSW Jump Rope for Heart Outreach Officer, Heart Foundation

Video transcript

>> Deadly La Pa Skipping Crew member’s voice-over: 

Criss Cross

Keep your arms low at your hips, crossing over your body.

Your elbows should meet in the middle as you cross the rope. 

360 Turn

Swing the rope to one side of your body, down and back up as you spin around completing a full circle.

When you get to the start the rope should be at its highest point ready to begin skipping again. 

Double Under

The rope will travel under your feet twice on every jump.

Start off with one double.

Eventually build up to multiple doubles in a row.


After you jump the rope, crouch down with your hands on the ground in front of you.

Extend your legs back. Once they are fully extended bring them back to a crouch position.

As you jump up to complete the Burpee bring the rope under your feet and continue skipping.


Instead of jumping the rope throw it between your legs, letting go of one handle.

Pull the rope back to the front. Once the rope is in front you need to pull it back to your chest and catch the loose handle.

Then start skipping again.

Chinese Wheel

Hold a handle of each rope.

It’s important to jump at opposite times and jump your rope. Right hands move together followed by left hands. 

Double Dutch

Position yourself to jump in the middle of the turners and in between the two ropes.

That way you can actually jump each rope as it makes it’s way around.

Do small quick jumps. Keep the same rhythm along the way (use the sound of the ropes hitting the ground to give you an idea).

Turners need to make sure the ropes don’t cross over the middle of their body.

It’s important to enter from the side of the turner as the rope closest to you is on its way up. Running under the turner’s arm can help.

Exit from the opposite corner. 

Triangle Turners create a triangle and turn the ropes at the same time towards the middle.

Skippers jump in to the rope and can rotate around to the next rope after a few jumps.

Cartwheel in the long rope

The cartwheel is attempted as the rope hits the ground and should follow the rope.

Turners slow the rope as the cartwheel is being performed. This allows the cartwheeler to get into the jump position.

The cartwheel should be started close to the rope so that the cartwheeler lands in the middle of the two turners.  

There it is – all the steps you need to make a deadly routine.