WP Holman Clinic, Department of Health and Human Services, Tasmanian Government  


WP Holman Clinic, An Introduction to Your Treatment


Patient Education

The need

The WP Holman Clinic identified a crucial need for a patient information resource to introduce patients to the clinic and their cancer treatment. Treatment would go more smoothly for patients and for staff if patients had some knowledge of what to expect.

Staff at the Holman Clinic searched for an existing resource and could not find anything to meet their needs. So they decided to apply for funding to produce their own DVD.

The solution

Red Hat Films worked with Launceston based Executive Producer Daniela Miotto and  the Holman Clinic to produced a 25 minute DVD and web movie featuring real staff and patients.

It was important that the DVD be honest, credible and tailored to the local community.

The result

An authentic and reassuring DVD which builds viewer’s trust and gives them a sense of already having spent time at the clinic.

This has helped patients enormously in approaching their treatment more confidently. Staff have benefited from being able to reach patients who have been difficult to communicate with in the past.

The DVD has enabled staff to treat patients who already have an idea about what to expect and what to bring to their first appointment. This has saved staff time, enabling them to focus on treatment.

The DVD has received glowing feedback from patients, families, staff and the wider health community.

This valuable resource will have a 10 year life being sent to around 10,000 patients, families and carers in Northern Tasmania.